A Near Miss

Black languid sex
soothing, seductive death.
She calls him from her car phone
and says she's naked too.

Daylight, creeps in through the window
He wonders why his eyes hurt so bad;
Is it the brilliance of the night before
or the painful presence of disgust in what he sees.

Instrumental precision
Clarity, cohesion, calamity
decision after decision.
Rationalization and hope are a fool's paradigm.

ÒWill you get off my back?Ó
ÒGive it to me.Ó ÒLeave me alone!Ó
ÒI want you.Ó ÒGo away!Ó
ÒIt's okay I'm on the pill.Ó
ÒScram, and don't come back emptyhanded
cause next time it'll be loaded.Ó

Smoldering lust abides
Ruling out the casual slip
of what he craves and hates.

Angry love subdued to the subconscious
Rears it's ugly engorged head tenfold
In naked daydreams of infidelity.

ÒCan we negotiate terminology
And navigate safely to the truth
without enslaving the beast within?Ó

Delicate polarity.
We are given birth and death
In the same moment.
Immortality and sex.
Objects of desire
When she hangs up
and parks her phone car,
the wetness between her legs reveals
another soul set free,
another victory for the grim reaper,
another night of cheap thrills for Tom Peeper
And another question for him to answer
with crossed fingers and blind luck.

No wonder he can't get it up,
when these are the thoughts he thinks

When heÕs trying to fuck.