Parallels, Pontifications, Obscenities
what is the meaning?
Is there a meaning?

Words, talk, exemplification.
Can we communicate, or only proliferate laral vibrations?

Reconcilliations, debate,
Relative truths, negligable facts,
Trust must be won at all costs.

Courage? Strength?
I lay trembling under a blanket of insecurities.
Immobilized by the realization that one man CAN make a difference
But would probably have to get shot in a limo,
Or nailed to a cross
To make his point.

Exuberance, defeat. Deterioration
History repeats.

Man-O-Sauraus Rex?
Complex children.
Conceding adults.
Circular rescusitations.

Parallels, pontifications, obscenities
What is the meaning?
Time to stop repeating.

Put down the guns,
Not your brothers.

Shoot down the proposal of violence,
Not each other.

The future is filled with what we fill it with.
The past is a dummy without a ventriloquist.
The present is a bridge of endless possibility.
And hate a multi-edged sword for murder and suicide.
The time
is now.